On a budget? Now new and existing small business owners can utilize Digital Media Content to promote their business, upcoming events, spotlight products and services, bring awareness to charitable causes & fundraisers and more, for less!

    Digital media content is the one element that every business should include as a part of their marketing strategy to enhance marketability and increase brand awareness. I have worked with several small businesses and have developed an affordable way to assist them in reaching their target audience with online marketing tools such as customized web based audio commercials, video productions, and podcasts that can be posted on websites, blogs, social media posts and email campaigns.

    Experience: Over 10 years of experience in audio/video production, digital editing, podcast production, radio show creation and segment development, script writing and voice-overs work. Worked as a Sr. Ad Traffic Coordinator for Fox 5 News (DC) where I programmed commercial spots and worked with the production team on integrating custom advertisements into the daily programming log.


    I am available for short term and long term projects:

    Being an advocate for small businesses and non-profits, I keep my rates affordable and work with all budgets.  If you are looking for someone to produce your digital media content I am available to work on both short term and long term projects. For a no obligation price quote on my digital media production services please fill out the for below or feel free to call me directly at


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