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In the very first episode I am excited to introduce my long time friend and mentor, Paulette Smith, Founder of DonPaul Enterprises.  Paulette is a guru in the marketing field and is well versed in Social Media, Web site design, Data base building, Marketing campaigns, Driving traffic to your business and so much more! Listen in as Paulette shares excellent advice on business relationship building!

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Paulette Smith,
Founder of DonPaul Enterprises

Episode 1– Guest Speaker/Paulette Smith explains what the most overlooked word in Business Relationship Building is.

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Buzz Talk cuts right to the chase when it comes to sharing the valuable insight, tips, information and knowledge that our guest speakers bring to the table each week. Tune in and be first in line to receive free downloads, service discounts and more from our ON-AIR professionals. 

Gail Flowers, host of Buzz Talk and Founder of ADDVoyces is a digital media specialist, video producer and voiceover artists. She has been in the field of digital media production for over 10 years. In 2016, she created AddVoyces, which is a digital media production company where she produces podcasts, commercials and voice-overs for small businesses. A few years ago Gail gained a true love for podcasts, which is a pretty well-known medium but strangely enough not many entrepreneurs put it to good use. So, her passion is to educate others on why they should definitely include podcasts into their marketing strategy as an excellent marketing tool for sharing and marketing their brand with others worldwide.

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