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The Corona Virus or COVID 19 doesn't stop me from getting your taxes done for you. You can email, fax, scan, or drop them off, as well as slide them under my office door. You'll also have access to a Conference room area where you can sit comfortably while waiting for taxes to be done. Please see video below for a detailed description of services.


Regarding Stimulus Payment, I urge you to file your 2018/2019 taxes as soon as possible in order to receive your Stimulus Payment from the IRS. CC Professional Services can prepare or assist in simple, complex, and small business tax returns. We also ensure that clients receive the maximum amount of refunds they deserve. 

To help our clients stay top of mind in these uncertain times we have teamed up with AddVoyces digital media productions dedicated in offering affordable and effective video production services specifically to small and minority business owners.

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Contact information:

Christine Coates, Owner

Mobile: 443-975-1084




For added convenience, notary services available are available.

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