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Gain Exposure with Podcast Ads!

Now you can advertise your business with a professionally produced podcast ad that will help you ...

  • Position Yourself as an Authority in your Industry,

  • Gain Community Recognition and

  • Reach your target market.


Listen to a few ad samples below

AddVoyces has a number of podcasts available that small business professionals and entrepreneurs can use as a sounding board to reach their particular audience.

Below are a list of podcasts that AddVoyces produces or is affiliated with that you can advertise your products/services or upcoming events on.


Choose the podcast that best fits your industry to increase your opportunity to reach your target audience. As a value added bonus, all advertisers receive a copy of their ad to share on social media and feature on their website!

Friends of Zayne Adams
aka FOZA Inc.
Aloma Solutions
Livingston Worx, LLC.
Absolute Rehabilitative
Therapy (ART)
Toiletry and Company 
Taylor and Anderson, LLC.
1400 1400.png

Vent with Candy - Host Candy Elum (features small businesses, Non-profits and anyone that would like to share what they do to enhance the lives of others.) 

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SEASON 2 COVER ART 1400 1400.png

S.H.I.F.T.  Host Lisa Council (features domestic abuse survivors, counselors, therapists and others that share their stories to enlighten, uplift and provide resources to those who are suffering in silence. 

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Cover art 1080x1080.png

The SoapBox Host Rochelle Campbell, Founder of Toiletry and Company-A Non-profit Organization (spotlights small businesses, artists, non-profits and more)

Learn more about Toiletry and Company

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Friends of Zayne Adams aka FOZA Inc. - A Non-Profit Host Paulette Smith (features therapists, counselors and other mental health professionals that focus on Postpartum Depression and Maternal Mental Health). Learn more about FOZA Inc.

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cover ad.jpg

A Dose of Sugar Water Host Trena Bryant, Founder of Aloma Solutions (features relationship experts that offer help and support to individuals seeking to live there best life.  Learn more about Aloma Solutions

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