Digital Media Blitz Package

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This triple threat package is perfect for those seeking to gain virtual presence, community awareness and brand recognition all in one cohesive bundle.

Below is a sample of how two teen entrepreneurs used this package to promote their new clothing line.

This Package Includes:

A Podcast Spotlight Appearance

You'll receive a sponsor mention at the top of the show and a 15 - 20 minute spotlight interview on our popular podcast "Vent with Candy" available ON-DEMAND 24/7 on iheart radio, Google podcasts, Spreaker, Spotify and YouTube. Click link below to tune in to a portion of the interview with the Teenage Entrepreneurs and Founders of Born in Africa

00:00 / 02:47

A Customized Audio Commercial Advertisement

A 60 second Brand Boosting audio commercial advertisement that will air inside of the podcast during the commercial break. Click button below to listen.

A Branded Video for your Business

A Customized Branded Video Highlighting Your Core Products and/or Services   

      (up to 5 minutes in length).  

This complete package is only $350

(Valued at $500 when sold separately)