Attention Church Ministries, Non-Profits and Fellow Humanitarians!

Share Your Mission, Passion and Purpose, News, Upcoming Events & Special Announcements with the world in minutes with Digital Media clips!











Add Voyces is a huge advocate of those who are truly making a difference in the lives of others. Our passion is fueled by organizations, groups and individuals that fill a need that others can truly benefit from. That is the reason why we created an affordable and effective way to share your mission, services, upcoming events, fundraising opportunities, major announcements and more with both your local and global community quickly and easily in just minutes!

How Digital Media Clips Work!


Step 1 We record your message (up to 1 minute) right over the phone. 

       Step 2 We edit your clip and email you a copy in 20-30 minutes via mp3 file.

                                                          Step 3 Promote your Digital Media Clip by posting it to your web site, social media portals, email blasts etc.


                          We will also tweet your message with a link to your website and post it on our website for added promotion!

                                                                                                    All for ONLY $25!

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In order to take advantage of this service you must be a Church Ministry, 501 c3 Organization or a Small Business that benefits others in the areas of health and wellness and Self-help professionals. Any other businesses please call for pricing information.