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Increase your podcasts

Profitability with

Sponsored Commercials!

Offering your guests, local businesses, church leaders, current sponsors, industry leaders and supporters an opportunity to promote their services on your podcast will help increase profitability for your business and/or cause and help your sponsors gain community awareness for their brand.
 A Win-Win for everyone!!
Each Sponsor will receive …
A featured 60 second commercial aired during the break, giving a detailed description of their services and call to action. Each sponsor will also receive a copy of their commercial to post on their web site and share on social media portals!
Sponsored Commercial Samples

How Do You Generate Revenue?

AddVoyces will produce a customized commercial for each of your sponsors for only $150 and air it inside your podcast! Offer sponsored commercials for $250 and receive $100 per sponsor
Please note; you can increase or decrease your offer to your sponsors as you deem fit, what you make is totally up to you.


If this is a feature that you would like to offer your supporters, I will create an order form for you that  can be used online or offline to help make signing up your sponsors easy and convenient.
To learn more schedule a free no obligation strategy consultation via the button below. 
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