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Thank you for your interest in marketing your business through this collaborative podcasting platform. 

The podcast will be hosted by Donald Anderson, CFO of Taylor and Anderson LLC., and/or Associates and produced and managed by Gail Flowers, founder of AddVoyces Digital Media Productions. Every participant will be given an opportunity to share their business information, knowledge and expertise country wide.  

Each participant will have an opportunity to be a Featured Expert on the podcast and share your knowledge, experience and expertise with businesses, nonprofits and individuals in need of your services and/or offer special resources, information and outreach support with those being affected by COVID-19 country wide. There are a lot of hurting businesses out there that are going to need to revamp and restructure so if anyone can help with this outreach that would be wonderful!


Below please find a few current stats that were pulled to show business team participants the powerful marketing advantages of podcasting:

50% of all homes in the US are podcast fans===That’s over 60 million Homes                                                                       37% (104 million) people listened to a podcast in the last month                                                                                               24% (68 million) people listen to podcasts weekly                                                                                                                        45% of monthly podcast listeners have a household income of over $75k                                                                               90% of Americans listen to podcasts in the comfort of their own home

82.4% of listeners spend more than 7 hours a week listening to podcasts

The average podcast listener subscribes to an average of 6 shows… and listens to 7 shows per week.

These numbers continue to grow daily!

As you can see the Benefits of promoting your business on a podcasting platform is huge, especially now in the wake of COVID-19, as marketing your business online and having a virtual presence has never been more crucial.


Not only will you gain virtual presence…. this platform will also enable you to:


  • Build credibility

  • Gain trust throughout your community

  • Help you to Position Yourself as an authority in your industry &

  • Broaden your exposure. In just one podcast appearance, you can gain exposure to new audiences and generate top-of-mind awareness. Therefore, increasing the opportunity to grow your business brand as well as your bottom line.


Another really strong point – is that the COVID-19  business podcast series can be accessed by any electronic device and available

ON Demand 24/7 - So once your featured interview is aired, your information stays out there indefinitely which increases your investment value astronomically! 


What you will receive by featuring your business under this collaborative umbrella:

  • A spotlight appearance on the podcast (includes a 15-20-minute interview) ($125)

  • A Sponsor Mention at the top of the show (production cost alone $150)

  • A professionally produced 60 second audio commercial aired during the commercial break (production cost alone $250)

  • A copy of your interview to share on your web site and social media portals ($75)

  • A listing on our dedicated web page that will be used to promote team members. ($250 per year) 

  • A feature on our promotional display ad that will be used to promote every episode on social media. Which will include your photo and/or logo and company name. ($125) 

  • Unlimited appearances (depending on space availability). Great Deal!!!

Podcast Distribution

The podcast will be distributed to popular podcasting platforms to help increase exposure even more

through Google podcast, Spotify, Spreaker and several others.

(Regular distribution and podcast administration fee $55 per month over $600 per year)


Finally, your podcast interview will be recorded right over the phone, making it safe, convenient

and best of all no technical skills needed!

(The convenience alone priceless)


The total cost for this exclusive collaboration includes a yearly investment of $450 

Valued @ $975

Go a la carte

purchase a service or services that best fit your needs 

Click here to download flyer


(price subject to change depending on level of participation)

                                                                     Payment plans are also available, and all Major Credit Cards Accepted


For questions please contact Gail Flowers at 301-575-4649 
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