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All Natural Soothing Salt Scrubs

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Spa Salts and Stones
Mobile Spa + Wellness

Personal Care

Wellness Solutions

Detox Foot Baths

Energy Work


Honorably and Reliably Meeting Rejuvenation needs to Brevard County, Beachside and Barrier Islands 

Do Something that Makes You Look Better * Live Well * (and) Feel Great! *
Live Your Best Life! Pamper Yourself with Luxurious Bodycare and All Natural Hand-Crafted Skincare.

Mobile Spa at Your Door Featuring:~
All Natural and Certified Organic Personal Care and Wellness Services Available @ Your Door.

7 Days a Week. Morning/Noon/Night
Hours of Operation: 9AM-9PM

*All Natural Soothing Salt Scrubs
*Detoxifying Foot Baths and Soaks
*Organic Facials
*Energy Work
*BodyWork and Relaxing Massage
*Custom Fitness & Aerobic Exercise

Please Contact via email to Request A FREE Phone Consultation.
Please include your phone contact # so you may be reached conveniently.

~Always Implementing the Finest Luxury Personal Care Experiences, for The Finest Quality Clients.~

Please Request Your Free Phone Consultation.

Details, Session Booking Info and Rates will be coordinated according to your needs.
*[For long distances; A reasonable travel fee may be incurred, depending on your specific location.]

We try to render same day bookings. Due to high demand, we request 24hrs notice prior to your

requested date of service to schedule you in.
We confirm all bookings via phone to assure accuracy and efficient scheduling.

Accepting: Cash * Debit * Visa * MasterCard * American Express
NEW!!!!*Gift Certificates Now Available*

=Mobile to your Door appointments. We Do not Host.=

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