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Mobile Wellness @ Your Door 

{~Menu of Services~}


*A driving fee based on your booking location may apply. 

*Hazard Pay has been factored in the lists of associated services*



Wellness/BodyCare Sessions


~ReJuvenating Massage~

•1 Hour ~ 250.

•90Min ~ 315.

•120 Min ~360.


~Coastal Complete Salt Scrub w/ Wellness Rub~

•60Min. 350.   

•90Min. 450.   

•120Min. 575.


~Foot Baths + DeToX Soak~

{Your Custom Made DeToX Soak Included}

•45 Min. 95.

•60 Min. 145.

•90 Min. 225.



•Bentonite Clay Facial 

w/ Spa Touch. 96.


•My Venus Facial.     (Request Rate)

•Gold Coast Facial. (Request Rate)

•Nubile New You.  (Request Rate)


•Fitness + Nutrition• 

Please include valid contact for info, pricing and fees.    

Spa and Wellness

Please request your complimentary phone consultation.

Further Details regarding Bookings, Sessions & Contributions will be coordinated accordingly. 

Gratuities are Appreciated, as well as Encouraged.

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