Use podcasts to share your expertise, knowledge and information with hungry listeners, quickly converting them into happy customers, members and/or loyal followers! 

Market your business both affordably and effectively through the ingenious art of podcasting!

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       Top 10 Reasons To Start A Podcast

  • Audio content is convenient for the consumer. 

  • To build an audience. 

  • It doesn't cost much to get started. 

  • To increase the size and value of your network. 

  • You can make money from your show. 

  • To position yourself as an authority in your industry. 

  • To promote your own products or services. 

  • Hearing your voice makes it more personal.

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Production costs are as follows

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bi-weekly and monthly rates.

$25 per episode/$100 per month 

Includes recording and editing   

Podcast samples

YouTube Version also available (Please contact me for pricing info)

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