Market your business both affordably and effectively through the ingenious art of podcasting!

Use podcasts to increase your bottom line simply by sharing your expertise, knowledge and information with hungry listeners, quickly converting them into happy customers and/or loyal followers! 

Select a plan below that best fits your needs and budget!



for 8 Episodes!!

Not Quite Sure Podcasting is for You? No worries!

The Beginner Plan is the perfect solution!


Price includes ​8 podcast Episodes. This package is designed to give you a taste of how a podcast works so you can decide for yourself if incorporating a podcast into your marketing strategy is right for you!


$25 per Episode

Ready to Rock the Mic!? This is the Plan for you!

12-48 Episodes

                               $100 per month

                                $275 per quarter

                          $900 1 year paid up front 

(4 Episodes per month)

(Save $100/4 free Episodes per year)

You choose the plan that works best for you!

(Save $300/12 free Episodes per year)

Each plan includes; Audio recording and editing, mixing in any intros, outros, commercials, or music bumpers, converting to high quality MP3, Completed MP3 delivered to either your Dropbox folder or media host, 20-30 minutes raw audio length. Your podcast will be posted on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and GOOGLE PLUS!