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Self Healing Invigorates Flourishing Transformation

Become a Guest Sponsor


Welcome to S.H.I.F.T,  a movement as well as a podcast dedicated in memory of my loving sister Lynda. This amazing platform was also created to inspire, motivate, and uplift those that are struggling emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

So, I invite all of my valued supporters, non-profits, church's and small business owners, to be a featured Guest Sponsor that will not only shed light on what you do best throughout your community but also lends support to I Am Lynda’s Voice, an organization that I founded in memory of my beloved sister Lynda. To learn more please click here to listen to an interview I did sharing my story about why I decided to create I Am Lynda’s Voice.  

Be a Featured Guest Sponsor and bring awareness to what you do best!


Your Guest Sponsor Appearance includes:


  • A 20 – 30 minutes interview.

  • A 60 second customized commercial that will air inside of the podcast during the commercial break.

  • A copy of your interview and commercial spot to use for promotional purposes.

Your interview will be available ON-DEMAND 24-7, aired on Spotify, Spreaker & Google podcasts and cross marketed on social media platforms for only $150, giving you more bang for your advertising dollar! I am teaming up with AddVoyces Digital Media Productions, who will be producing the podcast and the professional commercial advertisements

Thank you in advance for your support!

Yours Truly, Lisa Council

Founder of I Am Lynda's Voice, Host and Domestic Violence Advocate   

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