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Lisa Council


Welcome to THE UPSide!

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Introducing THE UPSide

Lisa Council is a motivational and empowerment speaker on Domestic Violence, a Domestic Violence Advocate, Author and Podcast Host. Below you will learn more about Lisa as she shares with you three very powerful and personal entities spearheaded by Lisa that are changing peoples lives emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. The first being Lynda's Voice, the second being S.H.I.F.T and lastly THE UPSide.




The UPSide:

Explain what the upside is and how you are planning on offering others hope and encouragement in a sacred place? 
Provides hope, inspiration and encouragement to all those that have experienced trauma and strongholds in their lives and desire to heal and look at life through the clear lens of peace, wellness & wholeness. The UPSide is a sacred and safe place where we can all grow and glow together. Please stay tuned for more information coming soon about THE UPSide.

I Am Lynda's Voice:

Please explain why you started Lynda's Voice and how you are providing advocacy, support and what capacity and how can people learn more about Lynda's voice?

Lisa started Linda's Voice because ...

Provides advocacy, support, education and resources for victims and survivors of domestic violence.


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Provides education, resources, inspiration and encouragement through a monthly podcast with guests that have overcome a life/season of domestic violence, bullying and trauma. We thrive to give you the tools to move forward on your journey to healing.  Tune in now


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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